Dutch Parliamentarians Propose Stricter Regulations on Advertising for Gambling

A Netherlands onlinegamblingDutch parliamentary group has come up with a unique approach to cracking down on gambling advertising aimed at young people. The proposal, dubbed the "two-strikes-and-you're-out" rule, would see any gambling operator that displays ads targeting anyone under 24 years of age on two occasions have its license suspended with immediate effect.

The new legislation aims to strengthen existing laws that prohibit untargeted gambling advertising, both online and offline. However, the implementation of the rule has been delayed, and operators have been warned to avoid ads that reach those aged under 24.

The proposal was put forth by a cross-party group of MPs in response to recent fines issued to JOI Gaming and TOTO Online for advertising their products to young adults. The MPs are urging the legal protections minister to take more action to prevent such breaches.

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