The Future of eSports Betting: Industry Leaders Discuss Potential and Challenges

Experts in the online gambling industry gathered at the European iGaming Congress (EiG) to discuss the rise of eSports and its potential in the world of betting. egaming

The panel featured Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood and Pinnacle Sportsbook Head Marco Blume, both of whom currently offer wagering on major eSports events.

eSports differ from traditional sports in that they have the potential to scale almost infinitely, according to Blume. With the internet being a common commodity and a variety of devices allowing people to play, the barriers to entry are also low. The demand for eSports is huge and growing, with the next step for the industry being to roll out live eSports on a large scale.

The panel also discussed the challenges associated with eSports betting, including the need for regulation and the potential for cheating. However, they believe that with the right measures in place, the potential rewards for the industry and for players are significant.

As the popularity of eSports continues to grow, it's clear that the industry has the potential to become a major player in the world of online gambling.

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