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We live by “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” and in Karamba’s case – we asked, why change a winning formula that skyrocketed the online casino to success?karamba new website

Well, after getting an exclusive sneak peek at the outcome of their recent facelift, all based on feedback they received from their players – “The Karamba Party People”, we had to lift our own jaw just to be able to say:

WOW. (Oh and don’t worry, Karamba’s iconic blue feathered friend is still very much alive!)

  • The NEW upgrades you have to know about!
  • 1. Easy to use playing experience: You’ll never be stuck finding anything again! Bonuses, games, special promotions…you name it, you’ll find it in an instant.
  • 2. Slick new Design and fast loading – Finding your way to your favourite games and daily bonuses has never been easier! The new layout is ultra-easy to navigate, not to mention that it looks simply stunning. As soon as you login you’ll be aware that you’re playing in one of the most advanced online casinos out there.
  • 3. Live Perk Notifications – You’ll never have to wake up in a cold sweat out of fear that you’ll miss your Daily Karamba again! See if you’ve got notifications in just a glance, and click to redeem your bonuses. Keep checking every day - you’ll find all sorts of fun perks waiting for you here.
  • 4. Live VIP Status Bar – Watch as your VIP level just keeps going up and up! Conveniently located on the top right hand side of the screen, you’ll be able to check your progress in an instant.
  • 5. Instant Promotions Box – When you’re in at Karamba you’re really in! This means that all the latest promotions are handily displayed at the top of the home page when you login to make sure that you get in on all the action. There’s no need to go on a wild goose chase to try and find the worthwhile promotions.
  • 6. Upgraded bullet proof safety and secure systems – While Karamba is all about the fun, their security is one of the strongest out there, especially after this upgrade.
  • 7. Easy Access Cashier – You’re always just a few easy clicks away from depositing or withdrawing. More time for you to focus on getting back to the party!


We know what Karamba Casino is all about and it’s clear to see that this new renovation is a cool way to give their players extra bonuses and perks! Now every player will see the gift icon as soon as they login, which will give out personalised bonuses, fun tournaments, engaging promotions, crazy activities, daily offers and best of all…surprises! Everything just got that bit BIGGER and BETTER!

Top tip – make sure you’re following the Karamba Facebook pages for even more exclusives!

Karamba’s bangin’ Facebook after party

If you find yourself itching for more and more Karamba fun then head over to the Karamba UK and DK Facebook pages where you’ll find hilarious activities and exclusive bonuses, as well as cheeky quizzes, local event celebrations, game launches and best of all, surprises! Trust us when we say that it’s worth a visit!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more fun at Karamba…. They go and give the word a whole new meaning! By mixing the unique Karamba humour with highly advanced technology, the online casino has managed to create a heaven for online gamers. We asked our Karamba contact to comment:

“With this sort of smart technology, just call us the next Apple! Our Karamba geeks have been working day and night to come up with the perfect equation for mixing our renowned hilarity with the most cutting edge computer stuff, and wow have they hit the nail on the head. They even managed to create a special algorithm which gives our party people more bonuses! Whoever said technology was boring?”

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