Romania introduces new laws to fully regulate online gambling industry


Romania has taken steps to fully regulate its online gambling industry by passing an emergency ordinance in late 2022. Previously, Romania had offered a partially regulated online gambling service since 2010, but the new laws ensure that the industry is fully regulated for both operators and players.

According to, Odette Nestor, President of Romania’s National Office for Gambling, said that the ordinance "allows gambling operators to get licensed in Romania and, through this licensing, we will protect minors and Romanian players.”

The introduction of the new laws followed pressure from the European Union for member states to regulate their online gambling industries. Previously, while players had access to online gambling services, there was no regulatory body to govern the market, nor was there an opportunity for operators to secure licenses.

Under the new regulatory structure, slots and gambling machines must also be connected to Romania's National Office for Gambling.

The introduction of the new laws is expected to create a safer and more secure environment for Romanian players while also providing new opportunities for operators looking to enter the Romanian market.

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