Win in Netent’s Hansel and Gretel


Get your sweet tooth ready because Karamba is celebrating Netent’s latest Fairytale Legends™ slot: Hansel and Gretel™, by dropping not only crumbs, but loads of sugar-coated spins as well! All part of their crazy promotion where the Karamba party people get to be heroes and rescue poor little Hansel and Gretel while scoring huge lollypop size winnings.Win in Netent’s Hansel and Gretel

The bonus fairy’s back again! Here’s what to expect:

This bonus carrying fairy that starred in Netent’s Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood™, is now making a comeback! You definitely don’t want to lose her in this forest, as she continuously throws out her surprising and unexpected fairy bonuses! The all new Hansel and Gretel has a lot to live up to, but we’re happy to report that the game is a true dream to play, especially with the extra treats from Karamba!

These 3 game features will make you want to run into the forest:

Forget childhood fears, once you see what’s in store for you in Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel™ you’ll be brave enough to try and save the children from the wicked old woman!

  • 1. Random Fairy Bonuses – Boost your wins with the Fairy Wonder Spin, Fairy Wild Spin and Fairy Surprise.
  • 2. Candy House Bonus Game – Enjoy sweet multipliers in this enchanting bonus game.
  • 3. Adjacent Paylines – This new Netent mechanism gives you more chances to win.

Karamba needs a few good heroes…here’s your chance!

When our contact at Karamba offered us the chance to get featured in the limelight as “heroes”, we just couldn’t turn it down. Naturally, we had some questions to be answered about how exactly this would happen, here’s what he said:

“Quick! Grab your torch and scary old woman repellent, we’re going on a mission to bring those sweet kids back to safety. We’re inviting all of our Karamba party people to join the hunt with us, ‘cos everyone knows that they’re the bravest of the brave!”

“In order to help our players succeed we’re leaving behind a trail of crumbs leading to Hansel and Gretel (starting on our Karamba Facebook page) and giving out extra spins to give them a head start.”

When we enquired more about the risks of this mission, our source replied, “If you had seen the sweet winnings waiting for you in the Candy House Bonus Game, you wouldn’t worry as much about the risk of getting eaten!”

How to follow the Facebook trail and come out a hero (and bag 50 free spins!)

We managed to get all the details out of our Karamba contact before they were even supposed to be released! Turns out that all players have to do to follow the trail is to head over to Karamba’s Facebook page on the 23rd April where they will find an exclusive map, showing them where to go and what to do. Without spoiling the surprise completely, the trail also involves having fun playing other top games, and those who make it to the end to save Hansel and Gretel will be rewarded with a pretty sweet surprise of 50 free spins!! Oh, and the chance to be known as a hero, of course.

Not brave enough? There’s loads more Netent fun waiting to be had at!

If a trip through the dark forest is a bit on the scary side, you’ll be sure to find another Netent fantasy slot to take your fancy! As a one-of-a-kind online casino, Karamba not only offer endless fun with all the most popular slots, but huge daily offers and an extra rewarding VIP program. When you join Karamba you know exactly what you’re going to get… a great time and excellent bonuses. Since actions (and outrageous parties) speak louder than words, experience the fun yourself at

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